Here It Is: The TOP 100 TASKS Other Agencies Are Already Outsourcing

Work you can now get done for less than half what you are currently paying.

What tasks can my Outsourced Team Member do for me? 

Well it all depends on your specific office and your particular needs.  However, all offices have a range of tasks that need to be done in the field' such as open houses, rental inspections, meetings with sellers etc and others that need to be done 'in office' such as desk reception, document signing, maintaining key registers and so on.

There is also a range of tasks that can very effectively be done 'out of office' or 'remotely' and these tasks are perfect to be completed by your telecommuting Outsourced Team Member.

Most offices will find that with small changes they can streamline their office operations so the 'in office' team focus more on what they do best - serving your customers and building your buisiness. This becomes much more effective when extra tasks are taken off their plate and given to your Outsourced Staff, who can do the job just as well and for much less cost.

We show you how to choose the best tasks to outsource for your office and how to streamline your 'in office' operations with minimum disruption for maximum results.  To give you some ideas to start considering, we have listed to TOP 100 Tasks That Other Agencies are Outsourcing below.  This list is not Everything that can be Outsourced by any means, it is to give you an inside look at what others are Outsourcing.  So let's take a look.

Property Management Functions

  • Checking rental payments
  • Chasing rental arrears
  • Tenant inquiries and applications
  • Answering questions from potential tenants about rental properties
  • Setting rental inspection appointments for prospective tenants
  • Writting inspection reports for landlords
  • Booking and obtaining quotes for property maintenance
  • Following up on and booking maintenance of rental properties
  • Preparing tenancy agreements
  • Data entry for property management systems such as Console
  • All manner of property management proceedural forms (completed and sent to your office printer for posting),
  • Creating and maintaining current 'for rent' and 'for sale' print outs
  • Following up lease renewal desires via email, with owners,
  • Organising safety certificates / smoke alarm / pool reports / sewer system audits
  • Placing rental listings on marketing websites - such as
  • Completing required forms from document sties such as
  • PA type assistance for Senior Property Managers
  • Preparing welcome information for tenants
  • Filing documents to property files
  • Sending notifications to unsuccessful applicants
  • Monitoring rental prices and vacancies of competitors 
  • Running Lead Generation Processes
  • Maintaining a maintenance register
  • Conducting document audits
  • Placing rental listings on social media such as twitter
  • Monitoring the maintenance of vehicles and business equipment
  • Preparing slide presentations to woo new customers
  • Providing file information for tenancy disputes
  • Inputting data from inspections into electronic format
  • Supporting bond lodgment and refund processes.
  • Monitoring and implementing file compliance
  • Co-ordinating vacating services - getting properties cleaned and repaired.
  • End of month processes and reporting

Sales Support Functions

  • Data entry for client management systems and sales contact databases, 
  • Updating marketing and office websites,
  • Updating and management of listings on, 
  • Refreshing office listings on
  • Sales activity updates for vendors,
  • Window display cards,
  • Creating listing folders
  • Ordering thank you or congratulations gifts, 
  • Ordering signs to be placed or removed,
  • Compilation of contracts and associated documents,
  • Preparation of sales support material, data searches
  • Data searches - such as RPdata or PDSlive etc
  • Title Searches 
  • General Research
  • PA style assistance for Sales Agents, Office Principal or Managers
  • Monitoring industry news to keep your Agency informed
  • Searching the web for infomation your clients might find useful in your newsletter
  • Connecting with clients and potential clients on all the social media platforms - not just the one they contacted you on
  • Checking contracts for completness
  • Account reconciliations
  • Replying to standard emails and referring on the rest
  • Preparing weekly sales activity reports for your vendors
  • Helping prepare advertising - newspaper - magazine layouts
  • Production of Auction Kits
  • Production of Sales Brochures or Sales Folders for Listings
  • Open Home Material 
  • Data input - into CRM
  • Transfer Information from Business Cards to CRM's
  • Monitoring Sales stats and providing reports
  • List Building 
  • Placing twitter updates for you 
  • Producing supporting documentation for your Market Appraisal Process.

Back Office Administration and Accounts

  • Daily reconciliation
  • Accounts and accounts in arrears management.
  • Payroll and benefits processing
  • General correspondance
  • Accounts data entry
  • PA assistance for Office Manager
  • Maintaining Insurances
  • Shopping around for the best deals on all things the business needs to purchase
  • Ordering and Inventory management
  • Production of business reporting 
  • Design of graphics for the business
  • Book keeping
  • Maintenance of Business Registers
  • Marketing Materials
  • Monitoring of Budgets
  • Scheduling team leave and holidays
  • Create video tutorials 
  • Keeping the 'list of commitments' ensuring people don't forget tasks they agreed to 
  • Anything extra that you come across that you want handled.

Personal Assistant Functions for the Principal
  • Booking appointments
  • Diary Management
  • Email handling 
  • Phone Message handling
  • Client List management
  • Social Media Support
  • Maintenance Regsiter of the Principals things - eg private vehicle
  • Monitoring costs and looking for savings - eg phones, electricity, printing ...
  • Booking personal engagements, booking restaurants, Meetings etc.
  • Collating training to be presented to the team
  • Booking travel
  • Personal Book keeping
  • Arranging anything you need - from getting your house cleaned to your grass cut - to organising your family holiday, to arranging for your grocery order to be done and delivered to your house.  

Of course this is only a brief introduction to the particular tasks that you may be able to pass to your Half Price Staffer.  Do remember that you can change or add to the tasks that your Staffer does at any time you see fit.

If you have any questions regarding this process please Get In Contact