Real Estate Agencies across Australia are Dropping Like Flies.

"Principals across the country are working longer hours than ever before but are struggling to meet operating costs.  The profit of most Agencies has been falling, while the work load and operating costs have been relentlessly marching upwards." 

15th May, 2012 at 2pm, 

Revealed: The simple process to 
  • Save 10-20 hours a week of your own time AND repeat that for each of your team members
  • Meet operational costs easily each month 
  • Significantly increase your take home profit and
  • Avoid becoming a statistic !
Let us take you behind the scenes of exactly how your competitors are doing it, how far ahead of you they are getting and how you can do it too.
The fact is, you are spending many thousands of dollars per month more than other Agencies in your area.   You are paying 2.5 to 3 times the money that they are, to get the very same work done!  And you are working MORE hours for the privilege of overpaying.  WHY? 
Why are you continuing to Pay so much when others are paying so little?  It's madness.  It is a fast track to failure. 

You wouldn't choose to pay 2 or 3 times the interest rate on your mortgage.  So stop paying 3 times the price to get work done in your office.  There is no need to be paying so much.  Find out how to stop! 

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We can't wait to make your business more profitable!  It is all we do.


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