Even though we are called Half Price Staff, our clients usually find that our staff cost even less than that. In most cases, an office could have 2.5 or 3 of our staff for the same price of one in office staff.

Price Per Month

Prices range from about $1400 - $1600 + GST per month, per full time person. The price depends on various things such as the level of experience and qualifications of the candidate.    

The price you pay per month is an ALL INCLUSIVE PRICE. This means that the amount paid INCLUDES all employment costs related to your Half Price Staff contractor.

You DO NOT PAY EXTRA for Super.

You DO NOT PAY EXTRA for WorkCover.

You DO NOT PAY EXTRA for the management we provide.

You Do NOT PAY EXTRA for sick leave, holiday leave or other leave.

You DO NOT PAY EXTRA for leave loading.

You DO NOT PAY EXTRA for renewal fees.

You DO NOT PAY anything more!

The Monthly payment is all there is. If fact, you ONLY pay for hours actually worked. This means if your Half Price Staff member takes a day of sick leave (or any type of leave for that matter), you DO NOT pay for this time. You will instead be issued with a refund credit for the hours not worked and at the end of each month you will be refunded in full for these hours. You will be paid via direct deposit into your nominated bank account. 

Once off Recruitment Cost 

We have a once off recruitment and set up fee of $500 +GST. This covers all recruitment costs, advertising, the interviewing process, software purchases, set up and the contract process. This fee also comes with a 3 month, unlimited replacement guarantee.....if you are not completely happy with your choice of Staffer we will replace them, for free, until you are happy.