We manage and monitor your Half Price Staff Every Working Hour of Every Working Day.

Beyond recruiting, screening, and placing Staff contractors, our role is to ensure you don't have to spend time wondering. Wondering such things as, Is my Half Price Staffer on time to work? Are they working on the priorities I have set them? Are they surfing the web on my time? Are they working efficiently?

Our role is to make sure you don't have to wonder, instead you will know it is handled and checkable. Handled by us. Checkable by you whenever you choose.

We manage and monitor your Half Price Staff Every Working Hour of Every Working Day. We do this through our own Contractor Management System.  This system includes the following elements :

1/   We take screen shots of your Half Price Staffers computer every 5 minutes throughout the work day.  You have access to these screen shots too, to be able to monitor progress for yourself whenever you like.  These screenshots show the progress of work throughout the day, as well as ensure that only work you have requested to be done is being worked on.  

2/   We implement an online time management system that requires Staff to log on when they begin work and tracks breaks taken.  This allows tracking of hours worked for time-sheeting.  If a Staff is late, we will be on the phone to them directly to find out what is going on, we will then immediately inform you when they will be online.  The system even detects if there is 'low activity' on the Staffers computer and sends them a pop up message on their screen asking them to confirm they are still working on their computer.  If they do not respond within 20 seconds it will automatically place them on a break.

3/   We operate a task prioritising process to ensure your Staffer knows the order of work they should be completing.  Included within this system, every 30 minutes each Staffer is required to write a brief note on what they are working on so that their work progress can be followed throughout the work day.

4/   We have a 'rapid response' chat message rule.  This means whenever you send a message to your Staffer via Skype or other chat service, they must reply to you within 4 minutes.  This rule is followed by all Half Price Staff.

5/   We provide every Staffer a Human Resource Manager who will be the one ensuring that they are on track and providing you great value.  The HR manager will be in contact with your Staffer on all issues related to their delivery of service to you.

6/   We handle all the contract related paperwork and processing such as payroll, leave management, timesheets and payments, as well as any complaints that may arise.

We find this system allows you to know exactly what your Staffer is doing and not have to spend time wondering about what is going on when you are not there.  This means you can get on with getting the job done and growing your business with a clear mind, knowing all the managment issues are being well handled.  That is our role.