Initial Application

Hello and welcome.

Thank you for considering working with Half Price Staff.  Do feel free to have a look through the website as you will get a further idea of what you will be doing with us.

To progress further and move to applying for a position with us we will need some more information from you.

Please fill in the following form and someone will be in touch to set up an interview or to let you know the next step.

You need to:
  1. Complete your contact details in the form below
  2. Attach your resume (you will need to attach your resume to the first 'attachment' space at in the 'attachment' section towards the bottom of the form)
  3. Attach a recent photo of you (you will need to attach your photo to the second 'attachment' space in the 'attachment' section towards the bottom of the form)
  4. Leave a voice message on the halfpricestaffglobal skype account saying a bit about why you would be good for this job.
Once you have submitted your information expect a response from us within 48 hours.  We look forward to your application.

Kind regards

Jamie Horsburgh 
Founder Half Price Staff 

Skype Instructions
To leave a voice message: when you are ready with your headset, click on the blue Call Me button below, Skype will come up on your screen and automatically call the number for you (this may take up to 30 seconds so please be patient). There will be a message saying the number you are calling is unavailable and to please leave a message after the beep.  Wait for the beep then leave a short message stating your full name and why you think you would be a great person for this position, then click 'end call'.  (Please note you will need Skype loaded on your computer for this to work!)
Skype Me™!