Half Price Staff is an Australian company. The owners have themselves operated their Australian based businesses remotely from Asia for the past 5 years. 

Half Price Staff is a direct result of seeing for themselves the benefits of directly managed, foreign outsourced staff. The Half Price Staff systems have been developed through experiencing what needs to be handled to make the system work effectively for a small operator. This is why all the core system and telecommuting management is handled by Half Price Staff. This leaves you and your Staffer to 'get on with the job', we handle the rest.

We employ university educated professionals from the Philippines and 'lease' those staff on to our clients businesses. Our staff have Business Management, Communications, Administration, Legal and Accounting backgrounds. Our staff (known as Half Price Staffers) telecommute into the offices of our clients. They are sometimes referred to by our clients as 'staff on the wall' or 'staff on the screen', as they are present via video call throughout the day in the clients office and appear on screen. 

We recruit and manage the Half Price Staffer to ensure that clients businesses are more profitable for them using our service and the process of having highly qualified, low cost, telecommuting staff is simple.

We provide people, great people, on loan to our clients businesses. 

To see how Half Price Staffing could work in your business and to have one of our representatives get in touch with you, simply click on the blue Get Started button on the right of this page. We will have more business profit in your pocket within weeks.